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Shadowy People Who Torment and Brainwash Kids

Drety: Is it true that you are now attacking the subject’s kid directly?
Liz: Not exactly. We call our method Pump It Up. What it…

Drety: Pump…?
Liz: Pump It Up. We got the idea from Dr Loca, the psychologist.

Drety: What exactly does it entail?
Liz: It’s about bombarding a person with pictures, videos and talk about porrn, incest, rape…

Drety: We are talking about a kid here.
Liz: All the better when the target is a kid. According to the good psychologist, kids get messed up real quick when pumped up this way.

Drety: And how does that help us destroy the subject?
Liz: He knows we are behind the destruction of his kid, and there’s nothing he can do about it because there’s no evidence pointing to us. The point…

Drety: Are you certain about that?
Liz: Yes sir.

Drety: What about the contacts between your team and the kid?
Liz: There’s no direct contact. We use certain people to pass the details and strategy to their kids. And their kids pump it continuously into our subject’s kid. They do it as many times in a day as they can through phone, social media, face to face, and also…

Drety: I don’t like it. There are too many people involved.
Liz: We don’t have a choice, sir. But we have found a way to eliminate any chance of anyone ever linking us to the project. We have also considered the possibility that the subject’s kid might one day slip up and expose the kids behind the PIR…

Drety: PIR? What’s that?
Liz: Porrn, incest and rape. That’s our potent weapon against the mot…

Drety: Ok, got it. Proceed please.
Liz: If one day the kids we have used in the program are exposed, they have been advised to claim it’s all about pranking their friend. I know it might not be believed because those are way too many pranks to play against one kid, but heck, we have paid the parents good money to make sure their kids stick to that story if they are ever caught.

Drety: How much did you pay the kids’ parents?
Liz: A hundred grand each.

Drety: Good.
Liz: Thank you.

Drety: So how is this PIR project going?
Liz: Very well.

Drety: And you are sure it can never be linked to us?
Liz: A hundred and ten percent sure.

Drety: Good.