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Children Safety in the Era of Predators

(The following true story has been written by a 13-year-old girl.)

Ann* told me its okay to have incestuous relationships. She told me she has been in such a relationship for a long time. She would call to pressure me to enter into such a relationship.

She advised me about how to set up a room so that a member of my family would know I want to enter into an incestuous relationship. But when I did so, things did not go as expected and I immediately regretted why I agreed to do it.

Ann and Claire* like watching porn and sharing their nude images with people they have met online. They put me under a lot of pressure to do the same, but I have always resisted. They also pressure me to have an adult boyfriend, telling me its fun.

Both Ann and Claire like making rape jokes. They text and call me many times a day, trying to make me participate in their sexual jokes and pranks, but I always refuse.

They also put me under a lot of pressure to drink alcohol, yet they know am underage.

My grades have lately deteriorated because of the pressure both Ann and Claire put me in to do things that I know are wrong.

(*: Names have been changed.)