What Prompted Me To Write About Mossad’s Underground Tactics Against Me

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. It is obvious what that means.

While working at the institution, Mossad would, once every few days, display a show of force. Sometimes I did not understand how they expected me to react, or what they stood to gain through these shenanigans.

One day, I was working alongside another gentleman at the facility. He did something that appeared to me like he was trying to bait me. But I do not come to conclusion about someone’s intentions based on only one event. It usually takes 2 or more such shadowy activities for me to conclude the person has specifically been planted there to do something negative to me.

The guy seemed friendly enough. During our break, he brought me a magazine and told me he wanted me to read a certain article therein. He opened a page and told me to read the article, while he kept himself busy with something else.

A casual look at the article confirmed to me that the guy had been planted by Mossad to specifically do that. Mossad must have known very well that the moment I started reading that article, I would conclude they had planted that guy there to work alongside me. Firstly, the magazine was several years old. Secondly, the article had nothing to do with me or the gentleman. Thirdly, it is not the kind of article any reasonable person would have expected me to want to read. Fourthly, when I commented about the article, the guy did not want us to talk about that.

I concluded that Mossad were deliberately intimidating me. It reminded me of the Mafia movie where a film producer refuses to hire a mob-connected actor for a certain role, and he finds his favourite horse’s head lying next to him in bed at night. He got the message and hired the actor.

Unfortunately, in my case, the underground organisation harassing and intimidating me have never said what they wanted me to do so they could leave me alone. It couldn’t just be because I was working at SCGH, since their criminal activities against me started years before I went to work there.

Crossing The Line

I know how powerful Mossad is. I have even found out that they are much more powerful than I had thought initially. Because of that fact, I had kept quiet for years, despite the evil activities they were doing to me and my family. I did that out of respect to the organisation and its sponsors. They sabotaged me, tormented me, terrorised me for years, but I didn’t tell a soul – because I didn’t want them to hear me say something, and think I am disrespectful.

All this time, I was hoping that they would finally sympathise with me and leave me alone. But that never happened. Instead, they employed extra resources to terrorise me more efficiently. And then they crossed the line. There are two reasons why eventually I decided not to keep quiet anymore regarding Mossad’s evil activities against me.

The first reason was when Mossad attacked my children in a very diabolical manner. To protect my children, I cannot write about most of these satanic schemes Mossad did to them. I did not want my children to grow up as psychological wreaks, yet I said nothing about the perpetrator. I considered it my duty to write about it, for their sake.

I know I am in no position to challenge Mossad in any way, and no lawyer would ever act against them on my behalf. So the only avenue available to me, is to write about it.

The second reason I decided to write about what this shadowy organisation has been doing to me and my family was when they wanted to have me institutionalised, using underground tactics. In my opinion, being institutionalised when you are not sick is worse than death.


Several years ago, I was working at a certain place, and used to take public transport to and from work. I would alight from the train and walk a few metres to the bus stage. The bus would drop me off several hundred metres from my place of work. So as to arrive at work on time, I had to board the bus at a particular time. I had a set routine.

A few days after I started working at the company, I noticed another person also board the same bus at the same stage as I, and alight at the same stage as I. I realised we were working at the same company. She told me that she was also a new employee.

Each day, we would meet at the same stage, and alight at the same place. Naturally, since we were heading to the same place, we would walk together and engage in general talk. I thought it a bit unusual, but coincidences do happen. And I did not notice anything unusual about her.

A few days after we met for the first time, we were walking after alighting from the bus. We were just having a general conversation when she mentioned something she needed to get from John(not his real name). I casually asked her which John she was talking about, since there were two Johns working there.

Her reaction told me that she was no ordinary employee. Her face turned ashen, before she composed herself and promptly changed the subject. Apparently, she did not know there were 2 Johns, and her handler had forgotten to tell her that. Therefore, something that would not bother a normal employee, bothered her a lot, because the small talk we were having had been rehearsed, and was meant to eventually achieve a certain objective.

That is a reaction I have seen very many times in the past several years. When someone is planted to act as a friend, colleague etc. I usually find out whether the person is a plant or not through how they talk and react to ordinary conversations.

Secret To Mossad’s Success – The Robot

After many years of torment, sabotage and diabolical terror from Mossad, I have come to discover the unique advantages that the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service(ISIS) enjoys, and that make them so successful.

For instance, Mossad is able to recruit very unlikely people to help them out – the unknowing associates. These unknowing associates come from varied backgrounds – some are even extremely successful in their careers. So how does Mossad do this?

They use the robot. These robots are people who, on the surface, look and act like everyone else. They could be top surgeons, successful entrepreneurs, civil servants etc. They are normally quite harmless, but once activated by Mossad, they will do what is asked of them without asking any question.

Consequently, they are able to do a lot of underground work for Mossad without being discovered, including, but not limited to, availing otherwise classified information and materials, and recruiting unknowing colleagues and associates, who will then become the unknowing associates – doing Mossad’s hatchet jobs without knowing they are working for Mossad.


When you are hunted continuously, you will eventually recognise some or most of the hunter’s tactics. In my case, it has reached a point whereby I have been able to predict that Mossad will do something before they did it. Unfortunately, I cannot write about most of these situations because of privacy reasons.

One day, someone I know had gone to a certain public gathering. I later told this person: “I was surprised to know that X made it to the meeting…” Now, I have never met X, I was not at the meeting, and I did not know X was at the meeting.

But I knew that it would absolutely be in Mossad’s interest for X to be in that meeting, and to meet with the person known to me. From my understanding of Mossad behaviour, that is an opportunity they couldn’t miss, because through that meeting, they were hoping to score a very major advantage against me. So, I predicted X would be there to meet the person known to me, but I didn’t want to present it as a question.

The person known to me was astonished. “How did you know that?” the person asked, amazed, and believing that someone must have told me.


There was a time I was working the night shift. Driving at around midnight to 2 am, I usually drove for minutes without noticing any other car nearby. At one place, while driving along an overpass to join another highway below, there was a sharp, sloping bend, and it would be all dark around.

For some reason, everytime I drove along that spot at that time, I would tell myself: “One night, you will find a huge rock here.” Consequently, I always slowed down at that spot, and would always switch on my full-beam lights.

And indeed, one night, I found a huge rock at the centre of the road. I was sure it was just a coincidence. Because of the slow speed and bright full beam light, I was able to avoid hitting it.


The peak regarding my problems at work at SCGH started in mid 2015. Coincidentally, Dr. David Russell-Weisz, started working as WA Director General of Health in mid 2015.