The Brainwashing

DRETY: You were supposed to take one or two months. Why did it take so long to make the subject jobless?

JOHN: There were so many unexpected challenges. I had to expand my team eleven times. That’s why it took years.


DRETY: What happened with the doctor?

JOHN: We did everything we could. The problem was…


DRETY: Did you listen in during the subject’s consultation with this doctor?

JOHN:  Of course. We did much more than just listen in.


DRETY: Was the doctor cooperative?

JOHN: Yes.


DRETY: Then why was the bastard not institutionalized?

JOHN: We are still working on that.


DRETY: You obviously are not trying hard enough.

JOHN:  Sir, there was….


DRETY: He was supposed to have killed himself by now. Why has that not happened?

JOHN:  Well, he has been…


DRETY: How is the brainwashing project going?

JOHN: Very well. Excellent in fact.


DRETY: You realise it can never be traced back to us.

JOHN: Of course I do. You recall I told you about Buffer the Kid…



JOHN: Everything goes through Buffer the Kid. Nothing can ever be connected to us.


DRETY: Good.

JOHN: Thank you.


DRETY: So, any results from the brainwashing project?

JOHN: It’s still ongoing. I expect good results anytime from now.


DRETY: Don’t lie to me.

JOHN: I don’t under…


DRETY: Is it true that some members of your team fear that some aspects of the project may have leaked?

JOHN: Well, there’s the…


DRETY: You must liquidate Buffer the Kid right away. We cannot take any chances.

JOHN: Sir, are you s…


DRETY: It’s an order…A lot depends on the success of that project. It must succeed. Do you understand?

JOHN: Yes sir.

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