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The M Vendetta Book

Meet the Actualizers – the Unknowing parties. Feel the power of M – Camouflagery masters.

A few professionals, one with MBChB, ask ‘M’ for back-up to solve a ‘small matter’ using extra-legal means. It was supposed to be over in a few days.

It’s a book about vigilantism gone out of control.

Chief to his junior: “If George will not willingly become a criminal, it’s your job to make him one. It’s all about perceptions. And perceptions can be manipulated.”

George rented a house and stayed indoors to keep away from his tormentor ‘M’. M bought the house.
George found a job at The Mill. 1 week later, ‘M’ bought The Mill.

Its a book about power without control.
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The M Vendetta for Phone
Actualizer: “What the darkness hides, who knows? But I will take the money – I really need it.” Unlimited money. No resources spared. Truth is stranger than fiction.

The M Vendetta is a work of fiction detailing a vendetta based on wrong assumptions.

Electric Physics

Introduction to electric physics. Electromagnetic induction, electromagnets and ac rectification. Diode bridge used in this electric experiment.

Watch simple generator in action. Studying K–12? This experiment is recommended for students learning high school physics and anyone interested in science. Download free electric physics game for mobile and tablet.