SCGH, Mossad’s Barbara & I

Early in 2016, while working at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH, someone greeted me and introduced herself as Barbara, but she did not tell me her designation. Months later, I learnt that she was much more senior than I.

She has an office next to ward C16. At one time, she decided to have technicians modify a certain door that was never locked before, so that one needed to have a swipe card to be able to open it.

Everyone that needed to pass through that door had their swipe cards upgraded apart from mine. So every time I had to use that door, I had to wait for someone else to open it, or go looking for someone to lend me their swipe card.

One day, Barbara acted surprised to learn that I couldn’t open that door with my swipe card. She told me to give her my card so she could confirm whether it was true that it couldn’t open the door. I handed her the card.

She swiped, and of course the door didn’t open. She tried again. Same result. I knew it was all pretense, but I couldn’t do anything about it. She informed me that she would have the matter corrected asap.

Afterwards, I tried many times to see whether my card was now working, but it never did. I asked her several times about it, and each time she acted shocked to hear that the matter had not been rectified.

At one time, she even suggested I should ask another guy to lend me his card. I have described that guy here. He was a Mossad agent. Although I didn’t tell her, since I didn’t want to appear rude, there was no way I was going to ask the guy to lend me his card.

It was obviously very unethical for a senior employee at SCGH to deliberately deny me access to a place I needed to frequent as part of my job. But the fact that there were Mossad agents operating at the hospital without any worries as they plotted against me told me I needed to know my place.

Mossad Agents Working at SCGH

There was Joseph, who claimed to come from Eritrea, Tamara, who claimed to come from Zimbabwe, and Katerina, who claimed to come from Eastern Europe. There was also the guy mentioned above. I didn’t know his name. And there must have been many others, all presenting themselves as ordinary employees of SCGH.

Barbara is a Mossad contractor. She had a major role in coordinating Mossad activities at the hospital. I suppose there were other senior SCGH personnel, also acting as Mossad contractors, and who were more senior than her.

I knew several other SCGH employees who were also Mossad contractors working under her, including Brenda, Angie and Denise.

The reason that I classify Barbara at a level lower than a Mossad agent is because, while the above mentioned agents had mannerisms and general mien of well trained spies/security agents, Barbara acted in a somewhat clumsy manner.

I believe there were many other people working at the hospital who also noticed that Barbara was leading a kind of ‘team’ that unleashed terror upon me.

Tamara – A Mossad Agent Working at SCGH

Tamara is the 3rd person I recognised as being a Mossad agent at SCGH. The very first agent I identified was Joseph – within a few days of meeting him, and only a few weeks after I started working at SCGH.

The 2nd was Katerina. I identified her as a Mossad agent a few weeks after meeting her for the first time. This was in 2015. I met Tamara for the first time in 2016. It took me several months to recognise her as a Mossad agent.

The reason it took me so long to identify Tamara as a Mossad agent was because her bosses must have changed tactics after they realised I had recognised their previous agents. So Tamara’s instructions must have been quite different from the previous outed agents.

She did not show any unusual interest in me, unlike the others. I suppose her bosses had calculated that, since she usually worked in close proximity to me, I would eventually befriend her, and the rest of their plans would go smoothly.

That never happened. So, slowly, she started befriending me – usually taking care not to overdo it. I wasn’t suspicious at all. Until she started pushing it. Eventually, I discovered she was an agent.

That meant that, just like the others before her, and the agents I didn’t know about, her job was to destroy me using underhand tactics. I assumed that, while on the surface she was all bubbly and friendly to me, behind the scenes, together with other Mossad agents, contractors and unknowing associates, she did everything to ensure that I had the worst reputation around.

She, together with the rest of their team, were probably working hard to try to set me up so I could be sacked due to unethical conduct.

Access Denied

In the matter of the locked door that I couldn’t open with my card, I had noticed that on many occasions when I was just about to want to pass through, Tamara would just happen to be around.

But I never asked her to open it for me. The reason was because I believed that was part of the plan. i.e. Deny me the ability to open the door, then place Mossad agents, contractors or unknowing associates nearby so I can request them to open it for me, and before long, we would be ‘friends’.

I couldn’t do that since being even slightly close to those persons would open an avenue for me to be wrongly accused of some unethical conduct. This is something they were trying every day, so I had to be very careful.

There were many people who I knew were not Mossad agents, contractors or unknowing associates. Every time I wanted the door opened, I would request these people to open it for me.

I think the other reason why I was denied access was because appearances are very important to Mossad. That is something I have learnt during the years they have been terrorising me. When they deny you access when everyone else has access, it enables them to recruit unknowing associates, by telling them, via their many agents and contractors that you have been denied access because of something negative about you.

Why Mossad Likes Using Unknowing Associates

Mossad is very successful in recruiting unknowing associates – people who believe they are acting on behalf of the government, while they are, in fact, working for Mossad. These are people who are very motivated because they believe they are doing the right thing. And most importantly, there is nothing to link them to Mossad.

I have previously mentioned a few who work at SCGH, like Ali and Alexis, in a previous post. I know both have worked for Barbara’s Mossad side-job on some occasions.


About one year ago, Mossad orchestrated a very severe and depraved psychological attack on my seven year-old child. Someone close to me told me: “These people must be worshiping Satan.”

I replied: “And Lucifer cannot be more powerful than God.”

The Day Mossad Filed A Court Case On My Behalf

Sometime in 2013, I changed my mobile phone number. Instead of changing the number on my sim, I bought another sim with a different number, and retired my old number. But once in a while, I would load the old sim card to check whether there were any messages, then I would remove it.

One day, I loaded the old sim on my phone and found a text message. The message informed me that I had a case in civil court scheduled for the next week. I wondered who could have sued me because I was not aware of any dispute between me and any other party.

I also suspected that it could be a prankster playing games with me. I decided the best way to confirm what was really going on was to call the court registry. I did not want to call the number where the message came from since if it was a practical joker, he would continue stringing me along. So I went online and searched for the official phone number of the court registry and called the number.

The person at the other end of the line confirmed that indeed the case number was correct, and my case would start the next week. Our conversation went something like:

Me: So who has sued me?
Clerk: You are the plaintiff.
Me: I know…So who is suing me? (I thought maybe plaintiff meant the opposite of what I always thought it meant).
Clerk: You are the plaintiff…You are suing the other party…
Me: But I didn’t sue anybody! I do not have a dispute with anyone…
Clerk: So you want to withdraw the case?
Me: But I didn’t file the case…
Clerk: Do you want the case to proceed, or do you wish to withdraw?(The clerk was beginning to get impatient).
Me: But I…
Clerk: So the case will continue then…
Me: I don’t want it to continue…
Clerk: Okay, I will withdraw the case now. Thank you.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask but I didn’t get the chance. The clerk must have thought I was lying when I said I did not file the case. Yet, I couldn’t have filed the case since I was thousands of kilometers away from that court, in a different state.


I figured that the person who filed that case must have assumed I destroyed my earlier sim card, so I would never get to know about the case. They might have given my previous address as my current address, and made sure their associate was occupying that house to take care of any letters sent to me.

The phone number used to file the case was in my name, so technically everything was in order. I wondered whether the person who filed the case impersonated me i.e. had my forged ID, or a lawyer filed it as my representative.

I thought that, if a person had impersonated me, then it was very possible that he had also deliberately done various other evil things in my name. The plan being to destroy my reputation completely.

I wondered what the motive was for an entity to illegally file a court case on my behalf. I assumed that they believed I wouldn’t know about it, so the case would be ruled in my absence. Maybe there would be costs, or contempt of court issues, and I, of course, wouldn’t know about it.

Regardless of the actual motive, one thing remained: There would have been negative consequences for me at some point.


I once received an email inviting me to be a friend/follow someone on Facebook. Everything seemed to be in order. The invite purported to come from a person well known to me.

But I thought it odd that he could invite me to be his friend on FB and not write an email or sms to tell me about it. I also thought it a bit unlikely he would be on FB since he had never told me about it.

A few weeks later, I called him, and as a just by-the-way, asked him about the Facebook invite. He was quite surprised and told me he had never had a FB account. Considering that he lives in my native country, and that email address is supposed to be known by less than five people, I knew it was no ordinary person behind the bogus invite.

Bogus Emails

In the past six years, I cannot count the number of times I have received emails purporting to come from people well known to me, yet they were all bogus.

I guess the plan has been to have me engage in conversations with the imposters and possibly pass some personal information they can use against me. However, I find it to be quite strange because Mossad, a top intelligence agency, can confirm that I have no skeletons in my closet, since they have looked everywhere and have found nothing. That is why they have zero leverage against me, and have resorted to besmirching my name and have tried to frame me on countless occasions.


A few years ago, I happened to be away from my family for a short time. One day, I received an email purporting to come from my wife. It was also forwarded to many other people around the country.

I immediately realized she couldn’t have written that email. Upon close scrutiny, I saw that it was someone using my wife’s names, and an email very similar to her’s. The email also had a suspicious link.

I concluded the motive was to have people complain to the authorities about my wife and I supposedly engaging in spamming, or even scams.

Through Mossad, I have seen it all.